Passionate about building business-relationships

We facilitate and support international trade, always aiming to make it as transparent, traceable and reliable as possible. Building, managing and leveraging long-term relationships that are based on trust, discretion and a mutual appreciation has our focus.

Why work with us

In an ever more global and digital economy trade comes with new challenges. For over 10 years, our founding-partners have been investing time, effort and energy in understanding these challenges, working to find uniquely developed or tailored (traditional B2B trade and/or e-commerce) solutions that satisfy needs and expectations with the least risk possible at affordable prices.

As a European based commercial-agent we can do the same for you!

Founding partners

Two founders with their own specialties but what we share is the same enthusiasm for each case!


Misha Stoutenbeek


For over 15 years active in business-development/sales negotiations. With a consultative, conversational approach he always aims to create long-term value for his clients.


Christin Marit

Sales analyst/estimator, e-commerce consultant

Christin’s focus is to find digital solutions for the challenges that her clients face and goals they have. She's specialised in e-commerce optimised responsive web development and content-marketing.



We are in close contact with seasoned professionals we like to cooperate with for when we need someone with another speciality. Through the years we have developed an international knowledge network that helps us to stay on top of market trends and opportunities.



Most of our experience is in commodities and their derivatives but we are open to all cases. References are available upon request.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Stoutenbeek & Marit B.V.

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The Netherlands
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